Responsible Tourism

Iconic Tours understands the importance of protecting the natural world and promoting the well-being of our people. Our business operates in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Responsible Tourism Policy

Respect & support our network of staff, tour operators and customers

We keep it local! Our website developers, designers, printers, accountants and suppliers are all based right here in Dunedin.

Staff pay is at or above New Zealand's "living wage" level (this is well above the minimum wage) see for more details

Whenever possible we purchase local produce for our cheeseboards, wine and other refreshments

Support our local Farmers' Market by visiting with tourists on Saturdays

We donate to local charities who support children with special needs

Provide transport to a local sports team; Dunedin Roller Derby "The Gallow Lasses"


Environmental Policy

Taking the following actions to reduce environmental impacts:

Recycling facilities are available in vehicles and on site. We ensure these are used by all staff and customers appropriately.

We use recycled paper in our thank you envelopes, laminate information sheets, and minimise our paper usage for printing by condensing emails to fit on one page.

We use bio-degradable car wash and our vehicles are cleaned using a method that minimises water use.

We are working towards an Enviro-Award accreditation by Qualmark NZ.

Our wildlife tours on the Otago Peninsula use official wildlife tourism operators. Approx 50% of the tour cost per person goes directly to these wildlife operators.

Iconic Tours vehicles are modern and fuel efficient. We are currently exploring ways to monitor our carbon footprint and developed a program to minimise and offset carbon emissions.

We conduct regular internal energy audits to ensure green energy targets are met and to identify new ways of minimising energy usage.

All driver-guides have a good knowledge of NZ's environmental history and practice. We encourage discussion with passengers about environmental themes to highlight NZ's achievements in conservation as well as to gain an understanding from our passengers about the environment they live in.

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Iconic Tours have been operating out of Dunedin for over 10 years. Tours extend from Mt Cook to Stewart Island.

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